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Dressing for success, the new workwear dilemma...

The workplace has changed so dramatically over the last few years with the rise of working from home, hybrid workspaces and the relaxing of corporate ‘uniforms.’ Plus lots of women took the plunge during lockdown to explore new adventures, expanding their side hustles or creating a better working balance for themselves. People do make first impressions really quickly, so why not give them the right narrative from the beginning? Outfits with personality are memorable, they get you noticed for all the right reasons and they can give you access to power, authority and success.

What does your outfit say about you? Is it sharing the right story?

It can be challenging to navigate the shift away from a corporate 'uniform' as that felt safe, was easy to buy and made getting ready straight forward as the palette tends to be quite dark and neutral. However there is so much joy in discovering, colour, print, texture and truly sharing your authentic self and story with those around you.

Many of my clients are senior directors in large corporates or entrepreneurs running their own successful businesses and they face the same challenges; lack of time, not wanting to look casual, dated or ‘too corporate’ yet needing to have outfits that shares their story, aspirations and ambitions. It’s a really fine line between being seen as professional, authoritative yet feeling confidently yourself and comfortable too. Don’t underestimate comfort and the ease of a great outfit to really enable you to get the job done brilliantly - if you are uncomfortable you will not be at your best, or will feel distracted.

For many women wearing quality knitwear and a smart pair of trousers works really well, adding texture will create interest and personality and makes for a chic and comfortable outfit.

A client who's going for a big promotion recently said to me 'I want to look the part so I need to look smart, polished yet not old-fashioned and I also want my personality to shine through!' And this really struck chord as it's so vital you understand who you are and how your style represents you as people do make first impressions so quickly, less than seven seconds, so our outfit does all the talking initially so let's get that narrative right, sharing the story of who you are and how you are amazing at what you do!

Red is such a great colour to wear if you want to feel energised and powerful, it really can give you a positive boost and will tell the world you mean business! Some women can be nervous of red and I guide clients to see how useful it can be to generate a feeling of energy and drive, plus you don't need to be head to toe - use it sparingly for maximum effect as in these outfits here...

2022 is such an interesting year to consider the new workwear 'rules' as the power suit has come back into fashion with bold, bright punchy colours seen everywhere across the board - yet if this is not your style or too much for you right now you can break it up and wear each piece as separates and tone it down with neutrals or darker colours to balance the brightness, The two-piece would also make a stunning wedding guest outfit, so worth investing in a good quality suit with excellent tailoring to create shape and definition.

I guide my clients on how to wear colour, print and accessories effectively and powerfully to maximise their style, so they feel authentic, successful and powerful to truly take up their space. Many women are nervous of colour or feel it might somehow not look professional yet it's also the greatest superpower we can wield when we know how to! It's all about creating balance in a look and speaking the language of success in a way that suits you and the business you want to succeed in and it's different for everybody. If you'd like to know more about Colour Analysis get in touch here and please do have a look at my Blog HOW TO WEAR COLOUR here for inspiration.

There are so many ways to bring personality to a workwear wardrobe without wearing a suit especially if that still feels too corporate for your place of work or business and there's so many other ways of looking successful, professional and polished. In my opinion a dress is one of the hardest working pieces you'll own and if you work from home more now is comfortable and easy to wear and doesn't need much thinking or planning making your mornings super easy!

My job as a Personal Stylist, is to enable my clients to be seen, noticed and listened to with respect, gravitas and awe of your brilliance, whatever your workplace environment!

I hope this Blog has inspired you to consider your style, who are you and how you are showing up in the workplace, what you are telling the world? We have one chance, one opportunity and people make snap first impressions whether we like it or not so let's give them the right narrative the one that tells YOUR story and let's them know who you really are!

If you'd like to know more please email us here at or simply book in for a Discovery Call and let's talk style!

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1 Comment

Lily James
Lily James
May 12, 2022

This is a great post. These colors and combinations of dresses make women more elegant and more confident in every workplace Every woman has a different opinion on which outfit colors they like. For many women, wearing knitwear and a smart pair of trousers works really well. A global online store for all these outfits is nice to purchase. Adding texture to your outfit will make it more comfortable.

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