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Sustainable Manifesto.


My role as a Personal Stylist is to enable you to connect with your style in the most joyous way possible, but I also care deeply about our planet and want my children and theirs to enjoy it in all its majesty. We can do both!Join me on a stylishly sustainable and engaging journey, it’s kinder, it’s connected and it’s beautiful, just like you.

After receiving my Sustainability Accreditation from the London College of Style, I am excited to share with you my Sustainability Manifesto;


I believe it is important to engage and encourage my clients that they can make small, simple changes that aren’t overwhelming so sharing tools and tips with my clients and my wider audience which they can action easily is important and the hope is that small change inspires them to consider other areas of their life.

Washing Hands

I have added washing and care instructions to all of my Client Lookbooks so this helps them care for the clothes they already own as well as the pieces they buy with me. This enables longevity on the pieces already owned and also may encourage more connection with these pieces if repairing or dyeing, re-using in different ways.

Woman Cutting Fabric

I am committing to including at least two sustainable fashion brands within all Personal Shops to show clients the range and depth of brands out there and to inspire them to consider how they shop and where their money goes. This also then becomes an active choice and also shares exciting and innovative brands they might not have considered or found.

Clothes Hanging

I have looked at the way my personal shopping experience are structured and have noted that I could be linking in with my clients existing wardrobe in a more structured way which will enable me to shop and select more mindfully so that pieces we buy work in with more pieces within the wardrobe. This will in turn create more hard-working wardrobes for clients to enjoy for years to come.

Female Developers

Consider long-term partnerships and collaborations with businesses and brands and other sustainable minded people aligned with my values.  I am currently loaning 4 pieces per month from ONLOAN which I am sharing each month with my wider audience on my social channels on how loaning pieces can invigorate your wardrobe, update your look and elevate your style without buying new. I also used exclusively loaned clothes for my Style Talks at my recent event FIND YOUR INSPIRATION in London, to share and inspire the audience with what they can achieve when they don’t buy new!

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