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Happy Clients.

Nicki, Colour Analysis,
January 2022

I was in the middle of relocating and having a clear out and had always wanted a colour analysis session. I'd known Abbey from her Boutique days and been following on social media. I contacted her and booked a Platinum experience. What an experience it was! Abbey is friendly yet professional, she put me at ease straightaway. We had such a giggle and the experience cheered me up no end. I have decluttered my wardrobe  and am working towards a capsule wardrobe now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abbey for any styling issues, she really knows her stuff. A beautiful person inside and out 💙

Claire, Body Shape Workshop, September 2021

I attended a body shape style session with Abbey - this lady sure knows her stuff! Everything she shared made so much sense and I left the session feeling so excited to put outfits together that I knew would suit me, and more importantly help me to feel confident. Thanks Abbey, so much value in such a short space of time!

Jackie, Online Style Refresh October 2021

“I struggled for many years with shopping and buying the right style of clothes, and found Abbey via Instagram due to her posts which was clear and concise and fun to follow! As I was deaf she made arrangements to make her sessions accessible for me to follow, and I learnt loads about what styles will suit me. This helped save me money in the long run, as well as be more aware what clothes to buy from. She provides valuable information which I found extremely beneficial and already have people noticing the changes in how I wear my clothes. It is lovely that Abbey continues to support me throughout my journey, she is colourful inspiring and patient. Book same time with her, you will love it!”

Misty Reich, Wardrobe Refresh, Nov 2021

“I reached out to Abbey  because I was completely overwhelmed by the situation with my wardrobe. I hesitated for a long time to bring someone in because I thought it was just too big of a mess, thought I needed to clear it out before someone could help me organise and plan better. In just 1/2 day Abbey took me from chaos to calm. She is fast, really understood what I was looking for, and most importantly made me feel completely comfortable. Since working with Abbey I feel like I have a new wardrobe of my old clothes, many of which I rarely, if ever wore before. Abbey sent a brilliant pack with photos of outfits we had selecte and a curated list of items that I might want to add into my wardrobe. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the experience was for me!”

Natasha, Colour Analysis, September 2021

“I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Abbey for a platinum colour consultation. 
I was made to feel welcome and at ease as soon as I arrived, instant calm.
Abbey diligently used the drapes to ascertain the best season for my skin tone. We had lots of laughs along the way. We also discussed how and when to use colour to feel empowered, to have difficult conversations and how to flit between fun mum at the weekend and work at home mum that needs to get stuff done.

Joanne, Personal Shopping Experience, August 2021

“At the end of a really special, memorable day I ended up with a fabulous wedding dress that I would have never found or chosen for myself but that was totally me and I felt absolutely amazing in! I loved wearing my beautiful dress on our wedding day & I had SO many compliments from guests telling me how fabulous they thought it was & how it was so me.

You absolutely smashed it Abbey & I can’t thank you enough. I am not naturally someone who enjoys being the centre of attention but in that dress I felt full of confidence & loved having all eyes on me.

I can’t recommend Abbey highly enough, she is super talented, amazing at what she does and so lovely with it!”

Alison, Colour Analysis, October 2021

“Lovely birthday present from friends. Abbey was warm and welcoming. Very good experience which i would recommend. Just wish I had done it years ago!”

Romina, Body Shape Confidence Workshop, September 2020

“I attended the Body Shape Confidence Workshop and I can finally confirm my body shape! I’m so glad Abbey helped me discover my body shape. Abbey is lovely, calm but chatty, knowledgeable , helpful and super approachable. I absolutely loved the workshop and could have chatted with her and the rest of the ladies for ages! I would highly recommend her as a stylist and her workshops if you’d like to rediscover your body. Thank you Abbey! xx”

Christine, Body Shape Workshop, May 2020

“Body Shape has always been fresh in my mind being a fitness trainer. But when I think of clothes I always think of colour and size. Not any more! Thank you Abbey for your remarkable workshop

Marie, Online Wardrobe Edit/Refresh, June 2020

“Just wanted to say thank you so much! When I looked at my wardrobe I really couldn’t think there was any way you could make any new outfits, but you did and I now have 12 x new looks and only a small list of things I could buy to make it all work even more. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!”

Kerry, Body Shape Workshop, September 2020

“I did the online body shape workshop and found it very enjoyable, most importantly I found out that I had been wrongly put into the Apple shape category and all along I felt this was wrong somehow. On this workshop I found out that I am indeed actually an hourglass, I am delighted as I felt very confused as to why the advice I was given previously didn’t quite work for me. Thank you so much I am so pleased and would highly recommend this workshop to anybody wanting to know their true body shape. Thanks again xx”

Katherine, Body Shape Workshop, Colour Workshop, May 2020

“We had a wonderful session, old friends gathered together on Zoom during lockdown. Life changing, the guidance means I won’t spend money on clothes that don’t suit me ever again, well worth the investment!”

Lou, Body Shape Confidence Workshop, July 2020

“I recently attended an online Body Shape Confidence session with Abbey and honestly it has changed the way I see my body as well as the way I dress myself. It was a really relaxed session and finally after 42 years I know what body shape I have!


I have started to wear my current wardrobe differently and interestingly twice this week people have said I look great! Abbey is the perfect person to spend an evening with. I feel much more confident and now I’m actually looking forward to shopping, instead of dreading it. Thank you!”

Kelly, Wardrobe Edit, Personal Shopping August 2019.

“It’s been a couple of months since my time with Abbey, where I had a Wardrobe Refresh, followed by a shopping day out in Amersham. Firstly, I enjoyed every minute of all of the time I spent with Abbey. Her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious and you just can’t help but get caught up in it with her! The day out in Amersham was one of the most relaxing, productive and fun shopping days out I’ve had!

I’ve admired Abbey’s style and style confidence through social media, but was super impressed with how focused she was on helping me find those things too. I constantly refer back to my colour wheel now to try to be more successful in my shopping (less returns now). I also use the pictures from my Wardrobe Edit to help remind me of some of the combinations I can be using to get more out of my clothes. Best of all, the clothes I bought on our day out continue to make me feel really confident when I wear them, which is super fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to book in for more time with her and definitely plan to!”

Nina, The Power of Colour Workshop, September 2020

“We had a family session online and it was great to ‘get together’ for a fun night! Personally, I came away with a completely new overview of what colours I should be wearing and my wardrobe is definitely getting a review! …Abbey knows her stuff and gave us a great evening with loads of images to help us understand how colour enhances our looks, how the wrong colour does not help and the lack of it can make people look boring and often older. I would highly recommend a colour session with Abbey – either one to one or as a group.”

Emma, Hertfordshire. Online Personal Shopping, April 2020.

“Working with Abbey has been a pleasure. She has taken the time to get to know what I like as well as what suits me, and has been able to find a lovely mix of safe favourites and more unusual pieces I wouldn’t have selected, but look great on. As well as being patient and personable, she has listened and been helpful recommending how to style new items.


I don’t like shopping yet she’s made the experience exciting! She has been great at the admin too; I have a fabulous Lookbook to refer to plus notes on what size and style works for next time. I’m looking forward to needing some more clothes!”

Shabana, Colour Workshop, March 2020

“Abbey is so passionate and knowledgeable and an absolute joy to work with. She has helped me re-brand myself and gave me huge insights into the links between colour and personality. I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her and her services for all things style related! Thank you Abbey!”

Lisa, Manchester, Online Wardrobe Edit, March 2020

“Abbey was amazing, patient, stylish with great advice and so welcoming! I have fresh ideas how to dress up and dress down some key items and have inspiration about creating new looks combining items I would never have thought of before. I feel relaxed, calm, styled and happy – the best money I have spent in such a long time!”

Lisa, Wardrobe Edit Online, September 2020

“Fantastically helpful online Wardrobe Workout, Abbey is very experienced, knowledgeable, beautifully stylish herself and a fantastic communicator - I came away inspired and informed and would really recommend her”

Carly, Hertfordshire, Colour Anaylsis, February 2020

“I really enjoyed my time with Abbey. It’s amazing how colour can really change your look. She is professional, fun and a joy to work with. She brings out the best in you and I walked away happy and confident. Thank you Abbey!”

Lavinia, Northern Ireland, Jan 2020, Personal Shopping

“Amazing lady, I enquired about a gorgeous leather skirt Abbey wore and to my absolute amazement she went that day, sourced my size, paid for it and mailed it to me! To say I’m delighted is an understatement I’m overwhelmed by the effort she made. Forever grateful!”

Mina, Hertfordshire, Body Shape Workshop, June 2019

“My time with Abbey was life enhancing. She gave me permission to be me and my confidence has sky rocketed since. Her genuine passion for what she does is so wonderful to witness and I think every woman should have a session with Abbey!”

Sacha, Hertfordshire, Wardrobe Edit, October 2019

“Abbey makes editing and restyling easy. She has a natural eye for style and fit which makes shopping so much easier – especially for a non shopper! Her advice helped me look at what I had differently, she helped me to confidently fill the gaps. Now I get more out of my wardrobe everyday.”

Lisa, Manchester, Aug 2019. Online Bespoke Personal Styling

“I travel a lot for work and packing for my trips since my style makeover has been a dream, I pick outfit that works for the plane, the office, for client meetings, presentations and dinners out. I feel well dressed, confident, sassy and professional! I also feel very supported and capable of making much better style choices than I have ever done in my life.”

Christine, Northants, Personal Shopping Experience, October 2019

“Abbey was very positive throughout the experience, providing advice as we went and bringing gorgeous outfits together. We went into shops I would not have visited and was really surprised by what she found for me! The results? Well I feel great in my new outfits, I have confidence to try new things and I get so many compliments on the clothes I wear and how I look! Abbey is an amazing, warm, intelligent and stylish individual and I am so pleased we met.”

Michelle, Hertfordshire, Wardrobe Edit, May 2019

“Abbey was brilliant from the moment she walked in, she has great style herself so you immediately felt like you would receive great results! Abbey makes you feel so at ease & comfortable, she took the time to get to know me before starting on my wardrobe, initially going through the clothes I didn’t really know how to wear & mixing them with items I’d never have considered wearing together. I have so much more choice from my wardrobe now!

Gail, Hertfordshire, Personal Shopping, February 2020

“I just couldn’t wait for an occasion to wear my new dress, so I wore it to work today and have been showered with compliments all day long! Thank you Abbey!”

Lisa, Buckinghamshire, Wardrobe Edit, Jan 2020

“Abbey is lovely and genuine. She’s totally honest about what works (and what doesn’t!) for you. The time flew by in the Wardrobe Edit and I am left with a concise and stylish capsule wardrobe. Great fun too!”

Isaac, London

“Abbey chose me an outfit I would never have picked for myself from Topman which I really liked and was in budget. I felt comfortable, smart and confident in the checked blazer and it’s a style I will definitely enjoy wearing.”

Daniel, London, Personal Shopping, February 2019

“Abbey put together a stylish and bold look for me using items from my existing wardrobe which I hadn’t been wearing much, so that was useful. She also taught me different ways to wear a trench coat, which means I can now buy one with confidence knowing how to wear and style it with outfits I already own. She was brave and creative and it pushed me out of my comfort zone, which I really appreciated and enjoyed.”

Pip, Manchester, Autumn 2019, Online Personal Styling

“I came across Abbey purely by chance and after just an hour video chat she has helped me bring a bit of colour and confidence to my everyday wardrobe. I also now understand the best clothes to wear (and avoid!) for my body shape. She is kind, approachable, lovely and is so passionate about what she does, I can’t recommend her enough! “

Rachel, Hertfordshire

“I had my seasonal colours done recently and found it was a transformational experience. Abbey explained how it all worked and when I saw the effect the colours had on my skin and eyes, I was amazed and really pleased as these were colours I used to love wearing! I am so looking forward to experiment – I feel like a whole world of colour has opened up to me – I  honestly feel like a new woman!”

Amy, Hertfordshire, Colour Analsysis, July 2019

“You showed me that with the right colours my skin tone brightens and my eyes sparkle. I have realised that my wardrobe does not need to be one colour! I can be more adventurous with colour, whether it is a hint of red in a scarf or top or being bold with a bright blue dress. Thank you so much for enlightening me!”

Catherine, Hertfordshire, Colour Analysis, September 2019

“What an amazing find Abbey is! I had my colours done before, but always knew something was not right and after Abbey assessed my skintone realised why as my real season is completely different -I feel so much happier now! Her knowledge, kindness and warmth is amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend her”

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