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Wardrobe Refresh.


Too many clothes, nothing to wear?

If you're stuck in a rut, feel overwhelmed when you open your wardrobe, feel you have lost your way or simply not sure what suits you anymore then let me help you get the joy and excitement back each morning!


We go through your wardrobe together, saying goodbye to items no longer serving you and this is different for everybody, for some clients it is just a few items and for others it's bin bags full. I am not here to judge you or to throw out everything - unless that is what you want! 


We do this together in a mindful, positive and encouraging way which enables you to make better choices moving forwards. We will create new outfits to take your style forward and ensure you are getting the most out of all of your existing clothes. We will also discuss planning outfits and how you can adapt your style for different events and situations to ensure your clothes are working hard for you.


Plus I will make suggestions on a select few items to enhance your outfits and elevate your style - this is called your Wish List!


See how my clients feel after using this transformational service here…


  • In-person services allow for 30 x mins travel each way

  • Please request a price if you are not local to WD3 postcode.

  • Please note it is much more effective to work with just 1 or 2 seasons in one session or it is too overwhelming

  • If you are not London, Herts or Bucks based have you consider an Online Wardrobe Refresh?

“Abbey was amazing, patient, stylish with great advice and so welcoming! I have fresh ideas how to dress up and dress down some key items and have inspiration about creating new looks combining items I would never have thought of before. I feel relaxed, calm, styled and happy – the best money I have spent in such a long time!” Lisa

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Wardrobe Refresh in-person

Large wardrobe/new client

3.5 hours £349

  • Questionnaire prior to experience

  • Included Colour Analysis & Body Shape Analysis

  • Wardrobe Refresh - editing, building outfits, decluttering

  • Allows for 6' wardrobe space (if more please get in touch)

  • Please note it is most effective to work with just 1/2 seasons 

  • Personalised Lookbook after the session


This service is ideal for new clients

Wardrobe Refresh in person 

Smaller wardrobe/repeat client

2.5 hours £249

  • Questionnaire prior to experience

  • Body Shape Analysis

  • Wardrobe Refresh - editing, building outfits, organising

  • Allows for standard 5' wardrobe

  • Please note it is more effective to work with 1 or 2 seasons at most

  • Personalised Lookbook after the session

  • Colour Analysis can  be booked for additional £59

  • Ideal for small spaces and outfit building


This service is ideal for existing, returning clients who have

already enjoyed a Wardrobe Refresh service


Ready to change how you look and feel?

Open your wardrobe and smile...