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Colour analysis.

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Colour is a superpower.

Colour is so powerful as it affects the way we feel about ourselves and the way other people interact with us and is so important if you are looking for career development, would like to stop wearing dark colours , or would just like to know which colours really suit you. Wearing the right tones can literally strip years away! 


  • Wearing the correct seasonal colours will harmonise your skin, reduce grey lines and dark patches

  • Brighten and uplift to your eyes so they look luminous and sparkly

  • Create energy and also enable calm when needed

  • Positively affect the way other people respond to you

Each Colour Analysis service will be completed using the seasonal method, where colour drapes are

used to determine which season you are and which tones within that season really enhances

your natural features.  There are two options available to you;

"Was a wonderful experience, I have felt differently about my style since
the colour session & it's re-ignited my interest in fashion again!
I only wish I had done it sooner..." Sue
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Colour Analysis Introduction

45 x minutes £89/person

  • Discover which season work best for you

  • Personal Style tools, tips & guidance

  • Includes image of your Seasonal Colour Wheel

Colour Analysis Platinum Service

90 x minutes £145/person

  • Discover which colours work best for you

  • Find your WOW colours!

  • Personal Style tools, tips & guidance

  • Discover the link between personality and skintone

  • Seasonal Colour Wheel worth £25

  • Personalised Lookbook after the session


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