Colour Analysis Introduction

Colour really affects our mood, the way we feel about ourselves and also the way other people interact with us and can literally strip years away when you are wearing the right colours for your skintone! See what my clients have to say about the transformational effect of wearing the right colours for your skintone here…

  • Wearing the correct seasonal colours will even your skin, reduce grey lines and dark patches

  • Brighten your eyes so they look luminous and sparkly

  • Uplift your style and positively affect the way other people respond to you

The process during this Personal Styling experience will take 60 minutes and costs £89.00 working through the seasonal method of Colour Analysis which includes the following.

  • Colour Analysis using colour drapes to decide which season you are and which tones work best for you

  • We’ll discuss how to incorporate the colours into your wardrobe

  • Personal Style advice on how to elevate your look using colour


I am fully trained in Colour Analysis at the London College of Style and have completed the Advanced Colour Course with Jules Standish to further enhance the level of service and expertise I can offer you.