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Understand your shape, ignore size!

Body Shape Lookbooks

I am so excited to share with you my brand new and revised Body Shape Lookbooks which are a brilliant tool if you have discovered your Body Shape through one of my Body Shape Confidence Experiences or if you are certain of your shape.


If you are not sure of your Body Shape why not get your FREE Body Shape Guide here...

With over ten pages in a handy booklet format which you download to keep and refer back to you, it is full of useful tools, tips and images and includes;


  • Images of styles to suit your body shape

  • Guides to what styles work for your body shape

  • What styles to avoid and why

  • Stylist tools, tips and guides

This will enable you to use more of what's in your wardrobe and shop successfully for styles that suit YOUR body shape.


Save money, avoid returns and feel your best every day!!

Abbey x

And if you are still unsure about your Body Shape why not get my bestselling Body Shape Confidence Workshop as a course you can complete at your own pace and in your time to suit you - for more info see below;

Body Shape Confidence Workshop

Join leading body shape expert and Personal Stylist Abbey Booth, founder of Stories With Clothes, to discover your Body Shape. Feel more confident and understand what suits your shape and why!

In my best-selling 60-minute Body Shape Confidence  recorded workshop, discover how to dress for your Body Shape and ensure you know just what to look for when putting outfits together from your wardrobe or when out shopping. I will share the five key Body Shapes with you, what to wear, what to avoid and how to make the most of your figure and body shape as it is right now.

My online workshops are known for being fun, engaging and very informative and all in under one hour!

  • Understand your body shape

  • Discover what styles works for you and and what to avoid

  • Shop confidently knowing exactly what suits your shape!


"Life changing, the guidance means I won’t spend money on clothes that don’t suit me ever again, well worth the investment!” Katherine

Complete the workshop at your own pace with a cuppa or a glass of wine, rewind, listen again and learn something positive about yourself which will have an immediate imapct on the way you see yourself and your body in a fun, yet informative way for £25! 

Plus Size Models

Ready to change how you look and feel?

Open your wardrobe and smile!

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