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Body Shape Lookbooks.

I am so excited to share with you my brand new and revised Body Shape Lookbooks which are a brilliant tool if you have discovered your Body Shape through one of my Body Shape Confidence Workshops or if you are certain of your shape. If you are not sure why not book in for a 1:1 Body Shape Analysis with me for just £29. 

With over ten pages in a handy booklet format which you download for you to keep and use, full of useful tools, tips, and images I guide you through truly understanding and embracing your own shape. 

Each Body Shape Lookbook includes;

  • Which styles work beautifully for your shape

  • What styles to avoid and why

  • Stylist tips and guides

This will help you shop more wisely and use more of what's already in your wardrobe! So this spring why not shop successfully only for styles that suit YOUR shape, save money, avoid costly returns and feel your best self every day.

Buy Now For A New You.