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How to wear Colour...

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Wearing the right colours uplifts and evens your skintone, reduces fine lines, creating harmony in your tone and you'll see a gorgeous, natural healthy glow! Colour can also elevate your mood, calms anxiety and opens conversations - I can’t tell you how many compliments, chats and smiles wearing colour creates for me and my clients!! Plus if you're feeling tired it can create a feeling of energy and you'll need less make-up if you're feeling grey/drawn = style win!!

At this time of year when it’s grey and dark, it is scientifically proven that colour WILL boost your mood and reduce anxiety which can completely change your outlook and mindset. This is especially useful if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder - look to bright tones to create energy such as yellow, orange and red.

Black looks for black so if it's not within your palette it can make you look tired and drawn - it will exaggerate shadows, grey lines, bags under your eyes and other black tones such as roots if you dye your hair. Boo hoo! So if you are feeling depressed, down in the dumps or just out of sorts, get out of black and into neutrals if colder colours are not your thing. Black can shroud you as it is a powerful, dominant colour so can often end up wearing you - we should always be the focus not the colour we wear which is why we talk about colours harmonising with our skintone.

If you are feeling anxious look to blues, greens and greys which will bring a feeling of calm to your mood and reduce that nervous feeling - great for important meetings, interviews or simply a day when you know you will be feeling on edge. Avoid red on these days as it's a very high energy colour and may exasperate feelings of anxiety.

Did you know red is the colour our brains have to process a moment longer than any other which is why it used for emergency signs/stop - very effective! And you can use this power when you do want to be noticed and stand out from the crowd - it is a colour with direction and passion and there is a shade to suit every skintone. It is one of my favourite colours as I always feel incredible when wearing it and it definitely makes me feel super confident - sometimes it gives me the lift to be where I want to be and if I am feeling low I would reach for red, orange or yellow as they are stimulating colours.

If wearing head to toe colour is too much for you consider a bright accessory - handbags, scarves, jewellery, belts and don’t forget shoes!! I have some clients who have felt such joy in owning a bright bag as they didn't feel ready for colourful clothes but the bag gave them such joy and confidence that they then progressed from there! Colour is a journey especially if you have worn neutrals, greys and blacks for a long time - starting is often a big step and once made it becomes a beautiful journey and I have seen at first hand how my clients confidence has grown.

Understanding which colours works for your skintone is also liberating and helps you understand why certain pieces in your wardrobe may not be working for you - it is often related to colour or shape! It enables you to clear out pieces which just work hard for you and help you to look and feel your best. This in turn then links to buying new clothes - you can steer clear of colours which aren't going to work for you and purchase pieces which makes your skin glow and creates harmony - it will save you money and means you'll have a wardrobe which give you joy for years to come!

A great tip for you if you don't know which season you are or what colours suit you is to look at your eyes when trying something on and see if you notice them. Wearing the right colours for your individual skintone will lift your skin so you notice your eyes first and they should look clear and bright, more awake if you like! If it dulls you and your eyes it is probably not the best colour for you.

Colour is truly a superpower we can all use mindfully every day. If you’d like to know more or book your very own colour journey I would love to hear from you. Why not book in for a complimentary discovery call or email and lets start 2022 off full of colour!

Best wishes,

Abbey x

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