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Five ways to explore your style this Autumn

The autumn season is well and truly here! But instead of being sad that summer is over, why not embrace the change? It's time to put your creativity cap on and try something new!

Here are five ways you can be creative with your autumn style:

1. Layering

Layering is a great way to create a look that's both stylish and practical for the colder months. It's also easy to do—just add a chunky knit or bright cardigan over your favorite summer dress and get more wear out of those summer pieces you love.

If you are a slender/athletic shape with lack of curves you can use this technique to add shape, curve and interest. And if you are petite choose similar colours and tones which has a lengthening effect. If you are not sure about which Body Shape you are consider my best-selling workshops...

There are also some great thicker weight blazers out there this season for an effortlessly smart casual look - use a blazer over the same summer dress and as it gets colder layer up over the knit and dress combination.

A blazer or a longline cardigan are also great styles for Apple body shapes to create a vertical lengthening effect - useful for anyone wanting to create a little length or if you suffer with bloating.

2. Texture

Texture is one of the best ways to add interest to any outfit and elevates a simple look with a luxe feel. Try pairing different textures like leather and lace, denim and faux-fur, satin and wool. This gives you licence to experiment and explore your own wardrobe by mixing up contrasting fabrics and textures whilst also playing into point 1 above by mixing seasonal pieces together.

The more contrasting the fabrics the more effective the texture clash will be so be brave and pay around with creating different outfits from your wardrobe and see what you come up with! If you carry all your weight in your top half or are very busty, select lighter weight knits like cashmere so you maintain warmth yet don't add additional bulk.

This is a useful tool for dressing down dressier pieces such as a satin slip-dress where you can layer with a wool or mohair jumper for a luxe yet completely wearable look, see pic below on left for inspiration.

3. Print clashes

Autumn and winter are such gorgeous seasons to experiment with print clashes especially if you incorporate points 1 and 2 to create an exciting and season-less wardrobe. If print clashes are a little scary consider keeping it tonal and that way the look has cohesion and still looks polished. Print clashes allow you to have fun, show your personality and bring in pieces you would not necessarily have thought of.

If you are petite keeps the print small and uniform like tiny polka dots and this won't overwhelm your frame. Again tonal prints or prints of similar colours will create a more streamlined look and will have the effect on lengthening, clashing prints and colours will potentially make you look smaller.

4. Make a statement with your accessories

Accessories are a great way to express your personality, explore your own individual style and add in colour, print and texture. When it comes to accessories, less is more, so choose pieces that will match your personal style and fit within the context of your outfit.

If you’re new to accessories, try wearing just one bold accessory...

  • Scarves - a great way for adding print, texture and COLOUR!

  • Earrings - choose textural designs to elevate a simple neutral outfit or go bold with pops of colour - pink is a great choice for tapping into the Barbie trend this autumn

  • Necklaces - a great way to add in a colour that elevates your skintone if you are wearing a top or dress colour which isn't ideal for you (see Colour Analysis for more...)

  • Handbags - a great way to add a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit and you can also add texture and print and get your print clashes in this way!

  • Hats - hats can really elevate a simple outfit and are practical too! Just ensure you select a colour which suits your skintone as a hat reflects down onto your face/skin

5.Stay warm and stylish!

A seasonal coat is a real investment piece and can really elevate a very simple, casual outfit to make the school run easy and stylish. Consider which fabrics you choose as wool and other natural fibres will be warmer and breathable to wear ensuring you are warm and comfortable.

The length and shape of your coat can really enhance your body shape so again worth considering and spending some time on to find the right piece as a great coat should last for years. It could be worth going and trying some on as unless you know your shape and colours it can be trickier online and saves time and effort if you have to do lots of returns.

Stylist tip - if you are not sure of which colours which suit you hold the coat up under your chin and see what happens to the skin on your face. Does it light up and harmonise your skintone or does it make you look flatter/tired? You want the colour to harmonise and elevate your natural skintone, like a light going on! Find out about getting your Colours done here...

That way you can always rely on that coat to help you look and feel great whatever you are wearing underneath!

If you are top heavy such as a strawberry or apple body shape look at more simple styles on the top half and avoid large collars and pockets/details on the bust area as this will add bulk and width. Look for interesting shapes and volume on the bottom half of a coat for example deep/embroidered pockets, a swing style or a printed hem/print on the base.

For body shapes with curve on the bottom half such as a pear shape or hourglass look for belted coats such a classic trench. Pear shapes can take a higher neck style such as a funnel neck shape - keep the detail and the drama on the top half.

Your autumn wardrobe can still be creative and individual

While it may seem like all the creativity and individuality has gone out of your wardrobe, there are plenty of ways to look stylish during the autumn and winter months, try layering, a new brighter colour and unusual textures.

Let me know if you try any of these tips. And if you would like to know more about your Body Shape join my next Body Shape Confidence workshop or simply book online.

Abbey x

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