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Updated: Jan 4

So I found a dress in my wardrobe a few weeks ago when I was having a sort out which had dropped off the hanger and was buried at the back. I bought it last year and have only worn it a few times; so imagine my delight at finding it! This is what happens when you shop your wardrobe, de-clutter and sort through the clothes you already own. There are new outfits crying out to be created sometimes with just a repair or two – but they are still all there to be loved and used anew with a fresh eye.

And this is why a Wardrobe Refresh is one of my most rewarding services as you will have found lots of new outfits, breathed life and soul back into ‘old’ styles and in the process get yourself a brand new wardrobe without the need to go shopping!

And as fashion is cyclical you will often find trends coming back in which you can reinterpret in fresh ways with what you already own, simply adding a belt or customising an old blazer with pearl buttons, for example. See my Top Tips below on Energizing your Wardrobe

1. Get everything out and create YES, NO and MAYBE piles – the NO’s can go to charity shops/sell and the MAYBE’s can be reconsidered. Can you make them work for you by repairing/adjusting (ie tucking in, wearing back to front, customising) or do you have to work too hard to make them work for you? If so they are a NO.

Sort in to YES, NO and MAYBE piles

2. Be honest with the MAYBE’s! Really look at why they’re a MAYBE – is it the wrong style for your Body Shape? Is the dress simply the wrong colour for your skintone? Could you repair it, adjust the buttons, shorten/lengthen it to suit? Is it something you long to love or feel you should because it was a gift? If it’s not right for you for the now and you don’t love it enough to repair/dry clean get rid of it!

Can you repair anything or customise to make it relevant?

3. Get decent velvet hangers (@tkmaxx sell a variety of colours) having all of your clothes on one style of hanger makes it easier to assess what you have, looks great, saves a huge amount of space and are practical as clothes hang better on them and don’t lose their shape.

Velvet hangers save space, protect your clothes and look lovely too!

4. Re-hang into colour order with bottoms separated either at the front or the back of the wardrobe. I store my bottoms inc skirts, trousers at the front, dresses at the back and tops in the middle. I find this helps me create outfits and look at ways of putting different looks together.

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5. Organising your Wardrobe will help you work out where your weaknesses are – for example if you notice you don’t have a decent blazer or your jeans are all looking tired you can decide if you want to add those to your shopping list. Always think about creating outfits it will ensure everything in your wardrobe works hard for you!

Make mindful purchases – can you create three outfits with each piece?

Dressing and style should be fun, empowering and liberating! Having a good clear out leaves you feeling energised and renewed and as always with style – less is definitely more! Clearing space doesn’t mean you have to fill it up, just let it all breathe and spend time looking through what you already own. You’ll be surprised what outfits you can create with fresh eyes and an open mind.

And if it’s all too much or you simply don’t know where to start that’s where I step in. Message me if you’d like a no obligation chat about where you’re at with your style and your journey, book in for your FREE Style Consultation… and let’s talk about you!

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