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Being authentically ourselves and owning your style whether you have a classic, minimalist look or love wearing really dramatic, memorable pieces – your style is your outward message to the world. People make first impressions really quickly, in less than seven seconds, so our clothes and our style enables us to share the story of who we are. It is really powerful.

Confidence can be more complex – if you are feeling you have lost your way or your style mojo has departed during the challenges of the last few years, spend some time re-evaluating what your style is and how you want to feel and be represented by your clothes. It can sometimes to help to consider someone else's style if you are feeling really cast adrift, is there someone whose style you admire? Have a scroll through Pinterest, Instagram, look through a magazine, sit and have a coffee and people watch - my personal favourite!

What are you drawn to?

Think about why you admire their look/outfits as so often with style icons it is not the clothes as such, it is more to do with the confidence or the feeling of power, success, sexiness, sass, calm - whatever it is and that is so exciting as we can re-create that in our own style language. Someone like Jennifer Anniston often crops up in my style questionnaires and it is that effortless glamour she exudes which just looks so appealing.

Do you have an outfit you can rely on to help you feel fantastic? Consider what it is about this look, is it the colour, the shape or how it made you feel, did you receive compliments when wearing it? This will really help you engage and connect with your style confidence as you begin to recognise what it is that makes you feel like the best version of you...

Owning pieces you love and which make you feel special is the key to connected style and will also help with confidence – what gives you joy? My joy is in owning items which have a story and which are unique, such as a vintage or preloved piece as I love the legacy of these clothes, who wore them, where have they been, what have they seen?! In fact most of my favourite pieces of jewellery are vintage, I am in awe of the fact they have lasted and were clearly made with love and skill which means I treasure them more as I want to continue their story.

Maybe for you it’s buying investment pieces which makes you feel elevated and elegant, perhaps it’s finding a bargain in the sales which motivates you and gives you joy? Have a think about what this is, as it will be different for everybody and those are the pieces you want to focus on when out shopping. We want wardrobes full of clothes which give us joy as it makes getting dressed a pleasure and not only will you look fantastic but you will feel more confident, polished and ready to face your day with a spring in your step!


1. Do you have a style icon or someone who’s style you admire? Consider what it is you are actually drawn to…is it their confidence, polish or ability to not give a damn...

2. Consider those 7 seconds – how do your clothes and your style share the story of who you are? Are they representing the real you?

3. Remember that outfit which you felt fantastic in? You want more of that!

I hope you have found this useful and inspiring - it is such a strange time at the moment. I am finding many clients are feeling 'lost' and want to feel excited about their style and fashion again. It is so important we take this time for ourselves - don't see it as vanity, it is actually a kindness. We have to wear clothes and to connect and truly own and love our style is such a positive benefit to our mindset, our confidence and our wellbeing that it should never be underestimated.

If you'd like some help re-connecting with your style, let's have a chat! I offer a FREE Style Chat to discuss which Style Service will suit your needs and gives you an opportunity to get to know me. Book in here!

Abbey x

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