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Wear your stripes well…

Let’s talk about lines…horizontal stripes like the famous breton top or anything with a horizontal line such as pockets, buttons in a row, such as a double breasted jacket, where a top starts/ends like a bardot top is a line across the body which creates width.

If you’re wishing to create drama or width to that area then stripes or any of the above will do that for you! If you want to create height and length then look for vertical lines, like pleats, vertical stripes, details such as stitching, print/patterns even hardware details like buttons, zips going vertically can help lengthen an area.

When we’re dressing our body shapes we’re considering proportion and lines can play an important role in balancing and adding or reducing width and length. So for any areas you’d like to add width go for horizontal lines or stripes and any area you’d like to lengthen then look for vertical lines or details such as a pleated skirt.

Here I’m wearing a dress with vertical lines to lengthen and off-set the bardot style top which adds width to my top half which in turn balances out my larger hips as I’m a Pear Shape. The belt adds definition to my waist area so I am not drowned in fabric and helps the fabric of this dress sit more flatteringly for my shape. These are really subtle tips yet they make an enormous difference!

For more style tips and hacks head read my other blogs and why not register for your FREE Body Shape Guide just add your email address on the homepage…

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Where in
Where in
Sep 27, 2021

This was lovely, thanks for sharing

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