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Holiday Packing in less than 20kg!

Are you one of those people who drags overweight bags round the airport, paying excess baggage and then feel you have nothing to wear when you’re on holiday? I was one of them myself before deciding enough was enough a few years ago! This year my case was 12kg yet I had enough for 7 x days worth of outfits with two looks per day for day and night = 14 outfits with approx 22 x items in total

Here are my top tips so you can look effortlessly stylish whilst on holiday and sweep through the airport with nonchalance knowing you have your holiday looks sorted;

  1. Lay everything out to create outfits and see what items you can re-use in different ways. For example shoes and shorts/skirts can be re-used several times with completely unique looks without compromising your style.

  2. Consider using swimming suits and bikinis as tops for daytime and even night time looks. Not only is it completely practical if you’re heading to the beach it’s also a great way to create lots of unique looks which you wouldn’t normally wear at home. A bikini top with good support and a deep band creates a lovely silhouette especially when worn with a kimono style throw on for a chic layered look.

  3. A loose fitting beach style dress can be dressed up for an evening out simply by adding a belt, gorgeous jewellery, shimmery clutch bag and heels or wedges. Think of different ways of using all the items you’d like to take, for example a button through shirt dress consider wearing undone as a layer/kimono. There are so many great styles around this season which will translate into stylish poolside and evening looks with a simple denim shorts/camisole combination.

  4. Remember that you will usually wear much less than you pack and end up having favourite pieces because of the fabric, the way it makes you feel and how easy it is to wear. Think about those Wardrobe Hero pieces from your previous holidays and look to pack/buy more of those pieces. Often we want to get dressed up as our holidays are so special and precious to us but when we get out there we forget how hot it is and end up not wearing the dressier/fussier items!

  5. Don’t underestimate accessories in dressing up/dressing down simple yet effortlessly chic outfits. Jewellery, a great belt and a fab clutch bag can make all the difference in elevating a simple black maxi dress to a completely different look for the evening.

  6. Check the weather before you go, usually you don’t need 47 x cardigans/jackets…it will be much warmer than you think, depending on when/where you’re going! Although sometimes the evenings can really cool down so have a look as you may need a jacket/cardi combo (unlikely you’ll need 47!!) Fortunately I did this before we went to Kefalonia in May as the evenings really cooled down so was thankful for my denim jacket and scarf. A scarf also makes a great beach kimono and wrap skirt too!

Here’s what I packed for my holiday and my holiday wardrobe…let me know if you have any questions and of any favourite holiday outfits you’ve worn this summer!

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