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Wear more, spend less – how to reinvent your Summer Wardrobe

With this gorgeous weather looking set to stay and our time at home expanding into months, I’m exploring ways you can create brand new looks from your existing clothes, without the need to spend any money!

  1. Wear a biker jacket instead of a cardigan over summer dresses and skirts – creates a great silhouette for most body shapes as it gives you definition round the waist and adds a more rock-chic edge. Plus it gives you more use out of those summer dresses on cooler days, evenings and on into autumn.

2. Try customising pieces, adding new buttons to a shirt, shortening trousers or adding interesting cuffs or collars to a simple top etc. This is a great way to get creative and explore trends which might otherwise pass you by and it might just give a new lease of life to an item you haven’t worn much!

3. Use t-shirts over and under strappy summer dresses to get more use out of them. A useful tip on cooler days, or if you’re not quite ready to get your arms out yet! Add a biker jacket and boots and you’ve got an autumn ready outfit too.

4. Try wearing shirt dresses undone as a layer over a jeans/t-shirt outfit. It creates a really elegant shape and movement and gets more use out of your dresses. You can also use this tip for wearing over shorts if you’d like some coverage. Shirt dresses also act as perfect cover ups – if only we were going on holiday!

5. Tie shirts at the waist for a different look with a wide-leg trouser, a skirt or denim shorts – it creates a timeless, effortless look really simply and it gets use out of shirts you might not otherwise be wearing. The smarter the better as this looks works best when there is a contrast between the shirt and the bottoms you’re wearing it with.

6. Experiment with colour – as it can really help with your wellbeing, especially at the moment. Try just adding a scarf or brightly coloured earrings to a simple outfit and see how it makes you feel. This works particularly well when you’re on a Zoom call as it creates interest without detracting from you! Even a red lip can have the power to elevate our mood and take us from blah to owning it!

7. Think of dresses as a skirt by wearing knitwear over the top, you can always belt it to create a more streamlined shape if needed. This is really useful as a transitional outfit moving from sprint to summer and summer to autumn as it gets you wearing your dresses more and you can play with print/colour clashes and tonal looks. Be creative and think of mixing different textures together to create really interesting outfits.

I hope you’ve picked up some useful tips, suggestions and inspiration and it gets you motivated to dig through your summer wardrobes and see what you can find. The great thing about style – is that there are no rules so the sky really is the limit!

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