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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

When you have a great coat it doesn’t really matter what you’ve got underneath it – you look and feel great!

Many of my coats are years old and have stood the test of time, working hard for me through all seasons and all winters. They are practical, timeless, are made from beautiful fabrics and without fail are a joy to wear. Coats complete a look helping you to look polished and feel fabulous and you’ll wear it for years. My winter coats are like my best friend’s – I’m always so pleased to see them each winter!

A great coat is definitely worth investing in as you’ll get tons of use out of it and will keep it for years so for these reasons it’s worth considering the following Style Tips;

  • View it as an investment piece and think of the cost per wear – our winters are long!

  • Choose a classic, timeless style which will last you for years

  • Consider fit and shape and whether you’ll want to layer up underneath

  • Look at fabrics – choose natural fibers if you can as they’ll keep you warm and breathe too!

  • Think about the washing/care instructions – this can also guide you in terms of colour choices

  • Consider pre-loved and vintage as that way you can explore designer brands, fabrications and fit for a fraction of the price! Just remember you may need to go up a size in vintage.

If you’d like some help selecting the perfect winter coat get in touch with me, contact form below. Along with Personal Shopping Experiences online I also offer speed-shopping services where you select just a few items and I’ll shop for you!

Here are some of my current season favourites. See my whole shoppable collection over at Moonsift click here

It’s no secret I adore Maxmara as a brand and their coats are simply beautiful. This colour is stunning and adds warmth and depth to dull days. Maxmara shapes are so timeless you will wear this beauty for years and still fall in live with it every winter!

This is definitely an investment piece from Isabel Marant and I love the dramatic caped shape of this coat. However again this is classic shape and the Ice Queen colour will stand you in good stead for many winters.

I am not a major fan of Alexa Chung – but I do love her collections for Barbour as it combines practicality with style. They are elegant, timeless yet have a trend-led feel to them without feeling try-hard. You get the Barbour heritage quality with a fashion twist.

Jigsaw is one of the most underrated British brands in my opinion. The quality of their tailoring and fabrics is superb so the prices on their coats in comparison to many of their competitors is worth noting. This style brings a more casual edge to a classic style.

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