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Keep warm, style up and get outside!

We've had moments of spring warmth and then it gets snatched away and we are back to square one, digging out our knitwear and tights and layering up once more! And now we can meet up to five friends and family outside, we really want to make the most of catching up with our friends even if that means sitting outside with five blankets and four pairs of socks on!! It's really all about the layers, so I have come up with five suggestions for you to embrace dressing for the spring weather yet still feeling like you have made an effort. How lovely to have something worth getting dressed up for!!

Five outfits for meeting friends outside;

1. Layer knits over dresses for extra warmth - you can always take a layer off if it's warmer than you think and you feel you have made an effort with your look. Another tip if you want to get some wear out of thinner dresses is to add a roll-neck underneath and layer up with a biker jacket, a bright cosy scarf and boots for a chic yet comfortable spring picnic look.

2. Reuse gym/workout leggings and pair with a cosy knit, a bright lip and a long coat for extra warmth. Perfect if you're sitting on the grass without a picnic rug!

3. Wear colour! Colour is proven to positively impact your mood and those around you so make the most of it's healing and energising powers!

Red for direction, passion and a boost of energy if you're tired.

Green for new starts, balance and hope - perfect if you are feeling a little anxious.

Blue releases oxytocin in our brains giving us a feel-good factor and is also a calming colour if you are feeling overwhelmed by it all!

4. A great coat - no-one else even has to know what's underneath! A great coat will not only be an outfit in itself it's also practical and so easy to plan ahead with the simplest and warmest of layered looks underneath! Just add a slick of lipstick and a great bag and you're good to go!

5. Accessories - headbands and hats are so useful especially if you haven't been able to get a hair appointment straight away! They can add colour to any outfit and will make you feel you have made an effort without breaking the bank. There are so many great options for headbands - look for colours that compliment your skintone as this will give you a natural glow and help you feel more energised.

I hope you have found that inspiring and helpful in getting your head round actually meeting people and socialising once more. Take it slowly if you are going to find it overwhelming - the last year has seen enormous change and although this is a positive move it is still another change, so go at your own pace if that feels better for you.

I personally can not wait to connect in with my friends and family and how lovely to have something worth getting dressed up for!! Blankets at the ready...

See you soon!

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