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Get inspired to get back out there!

Excited to get back out there and meet friends and family outside?! Let's hope for some milder weather so we can see our friends once more as we begin the road to recovery and getting some sense of normality and connection with humans other than those you have spent the last 12 months with!

Here are some of my tops to help you get out of the lockdown joggers and explore your spring style...

1. Explore your wardrobe - be creative and you will find more clothes than you thought without the need for going shopping. Just focus on one area initially, so it could be just your tops or work clothes - don't overwhelm yourself otherwise you may end up slinging it all back in and giving up! Allow some time to go through your wardrobe, get a coffee and ask everyone else in the house not to interrupt for you an hour and really go through your pieces objectively. Much better to start a wardrobe cleanse/edit in the daytime too - you can see everything more clearly and you will fresher than starting in after a long day in the evening.

2. Get inspired - why not create a mood board? We look at magazines and inspiring social media accounts if we are decorating a room in our home so why spend some time thinking about what your style means to you. Grab a coffee, some magazines, have a browse, look at Pinterest and see what inspires you - you will begin to see a pattern of the styles/looks you really admire and that is your foundation.

3. Plan your outfits in advance. Especially as going back to work could feel overwhelming - having an outfit ready is one less thing to think about in the mornings! I recommend allowing just 10 x minutes the night before to pull some looks together and get them ready for the morning. You get to really see what's in your wardrobe and feel more organised as you start to look ahead at what's coming up and dress to suit the occasion. Try it and let me know how it goes!

4. Consider making sustainable choices - shopping more mindfully, buying less fast fashion, re-using what you already own and why not explore sustainably produced garments and or sustainable brands? There is so much choice out there now and even just making one small change will have less impact on the environment and start us on the journey to better habits.

5. Shop locally - support your town, boutiques, independent shops and other local businesses, they will appreciate it and you will find unique brands and great service! It saves on travelling time not going into bigger towns/cities, gets you back out seeing people in your local community and stops the online night time browsing which has probably become so familiar to many of us!

I hope this has helped give you some focus and tools to start exploring your style as we move into Spring and seeing our friends!

Abbey x

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