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Find the perfect sunnies for your face shape...

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Girl laughing in sunglasses

It's that time of year when you might be considering upgrading your sunglasses, need a new pair or just fancy seeing what's out there. Read on to discover which styles suits your face shape and why...

All sunglasses featured are current stock so feel free to click through if you like anything your see. This is also a really useful blog if you wear glasses too so do feel free to share with friends!


An oval face shape is very balanced and in proportion which is why so many styles suit this face shape. With a softly-curved jawline, the cheekbones are in proportion with the forehead and jaw which means your face shape can take any style of sunglasses - lucky you!

Be creative and explore colours, shapes including aviators and different finishes as your face shape can take it so go wild!


If you have a square face, you can afford to be adventurous with your eyewear choices.

Avoid square shapes which will accentuate the squareness and instead go for styles like round, oval, fine/thin frames contrast well and consider bright frames too.

Aviator frames also work well for square and oblong face shapes.


If you have a heart shaped face select wrap sunglasses, heavy bottom sunglasses and round sunglasses including teardrop-shaped, wayfarer and cat-eye and round sunglasses, these draw attention away from the more pointy chin.

Heart-shaped faces look fantastic with cat-eye sunglasses as they accentuate the heart faced shape and draws attention away from the more pointy chin.


Diamond shaped faces have a narrow forehead which widens in the middle and

then tapers down to a pointed chin so to offset the angular shape, circular glasses work best.

Avoid square and pointed shapes as they will accentuate the chin and instead look for teashade styles as it balances out the angular point of the face.


Your face is in proportion and circular in shape.

Broad rectangular sunglasses,

D-shaped glasses with angular edges, pointed cat-eye sunglasses and squared wayfarers are perfect for you.

Create contrast or your face will appear rounder.


An oblong face shape suits oversized style sunglasses as your face shape can take the extra size - rectangular styles are really effective.

Oblong face shapes wear aviators well to offset the length of the face by providing interest so think unusual shapes and you'll also look great in aviator styles.

Don't forget to consider which colours suit your skintone, so for warmer skintones you want to go for orange based colours so for example warm browns/tortoiseshell, bright reds, yellows, warm greens and blues and cream rather than white. Avoid darker black based colours such as navy and black.

And for cool based skintones you are looking for colours with blue undertones such as navy, black, grey and white. If you know your seasonal colours then look to those colours as they will have the same effect in enhancing your skin, giving you a lovely even glow and reducing fine lines and greyness.

And if you'd like to know more about understanding which colours work best for your skin then get in touch to book

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