What can a Personal Stylist do for you?


Too many clothes, nothing to wear? Maybe you feel stuck in a style rut, have lost your identity, can't stand shopping or simply don't know where to start with it all - then working with me, Abbey Booth, qualified stylist and rule-breaker is JUST WHAT YOU NEED!! 


Getting dressed should be joyful and exciting and not filled with overwhelm, stress or worse - indifference.  I will have YOU feeling fabulous every single day and the start of your style journey is right here just waiting for you to kick open the door!! Let me show you how...

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From uplifting Wardrobe Refreshes where I will show you how to fall in love with your clothes and truly understand your style, to stress-free, gorgeous Personal Shopping Experiences, inspiring Colour Analysis to get you out of those dark colours - my empowering Style Experiences will give you the power to feel truly connected and excited about your style!

I have over ten years experience within the fashion industry from running my own boutique to writing for national publications, featuring on the BBC, dressing backstage at London Fashion Week and teaching at The London College of Style!


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Put simply I want YOU to feel kick-ass FANTASTIC!!!So what are you waiting, book in for a Complimentary Discovery Call or email me at hello@storieswithclothes.com and discover just how I can help ignite your style mojo, so you fling open those wardrobe doors with joy every day! 

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