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A capsule wardrobe is an edited and refined wardrobe where everything works beautifully together in harmony, making it simple and effective to create beautifully stylish outfits, which enable you to look and feel your best everyday, effortlessly. Think good quality pieces which have a timeless, seasonless feel and are not fast-fashion/trend led. A capsule wardrobe makes getting dressed a much simpler and joyful process and if you have that overwhelming feeling of 'Too many clothes, nothing to wear' then this could be a perfect solution for you... Start by refining your wardrobe, editing out pieces no longer working for you. Consider your body shape, colours which suit you and consider your lifestyle - what do you need to do and how do you want to look and feel each day? Building a capsule wardrobe takes time, curation and often an expert eye - however here are my top tips to get you started!

Get inspired and understand your style - Pinterest, magazines and TV/films. Many clients have recently been inspired by Jenna Coleman's 70's vibe in The Serpent for example! Explore what your style means to you. If you were re-designing a room in your home you would most likely create a mood board or at least look at magazines for ideas and inspiration. Our own style has such an impact on how we feel and how we project ourselves to the world yet it's not something we always spend time on. It is so integral to our wellbeing - our clothes touch our skin every single day so if you think of it like the greatest gift of time and self-care, you will begin to really enjoy this process!

Edit and refine your wardrobe - Having a wardrobe clear out is really cleansing as you let go of pieces no longer working for you, create space and enable yourself to see more clearly what you own and then the fun begins! Less clothes doesn't mean less outfits. You will also begin to understand what pieces are missing that can help you create more outfits and ensure everything works harder for you.

Seasonless pieces - I recommend looking for seasonless items which translate from season to season and become your core basics. Our transitional seasons spring and autumn last much longer than summer and when you combine these with winter you can see where you are best to invest your money. AW pieces such as coats, boots and knitwear will get so much use and even into summer your good quality knitwear will still likely be in use in the evenings! Think all year round and then build on to that with select and beautiful pieces which make you smile and enable you to live your best life every day.

Here are SIX key pieces which work beautifully in many women's wardrobe's;

  • A classic white shirt - can be dressed up or down, used as a layer over and underneath knitwear, dresses and casual pieces and if bought wisely is an investment piece that never dates or goes out of fashion.

  • A biker jacket - doesn't have to leather or black, there are some fantastic vegan-leather options out there and it's such a useful piece during the spring and autumn particularly for layering and creating less dressy looks with summer dresses and smarter outfits we might otherwise 'save for best'

  • A blazer is a great alternative or addition to a biker jacket as it creates the opposing look of smartening up casual outfits and won't ever date so will last for years to come.

  • Great fitting denim - won't ever let you down and will always give you options. My advice for buying denim is always to buy at the highest/best quality end of your budget - think of the cost per wear as opposed to an occasion outfit where we happily spend £150 and you can see where your money is more wisely spent.

  • Good quality knitwear - makes you feel great, will last for years if you look after it, you will wear these pieces much longer than your summer dresses

  • Professional bra fitting and great quality bra - literally underpins every outfit and helps items fit, sit and feel better on your body. They also offer proper support and is important for looking after our backs and shoulders to distribute weight more evenly, especially for curvier girls. Think of it as an essential - like wearing great moisturiser or a mascara you love - don't leave the house without it!

I would also suggest planning outfits ahead and this is particularly relevant now as the world slowly opens up and many of us heading back to work after a year working from home. Do this each night ahead and spend just 10 x minutes putting an outfit together for the morning - think of where you are going, what are you doing, how do you want to look and feel - add in colour to boost your mood and then lay it out all out or hang on the back of the door. You can even plan accessories, shoes etc as this will really help eliminate stress in the mornings and enable you to simply get dressed and get on with your day.

Doing this really helps you to spend time with your clothes - you will find pieces which have dropped off the hangers, been forgotten about and it will feel like you have been shopping without having to spend any money!

Get creative, try new styles, tuck-in, colour clash - and I guarantee you will start to understand your own style, use more of what you already own and feel more put-together and in control each day. Plus you'll have fun with it - and that is what this this is all about - helping you feel more confident to enable you to get on with your life, stylishly!

Hope you have enjoyed this and if you get stuck or you'd like some additional support drop me a line and let's talk!

Abbey x

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