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What is a Personal Stylist really like?

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

These are the frequently asked questions so I thought I would answer them in a blog post!

There is a common misconception that Personal Stylist’s are unfriendly, judgemental, too expensive, only for famous people and memories of Miranda’s scathing tongue and eye rolling from the Devil Wears Prada come to the fore! Many clients tell me they thought they didn’t deserve to hire a Personal Stylist or that it would be too expensive for them…and both of these are far from the truth!

Let me dispel some of these myths…

A Personal Stylist will be unfriendly Part of my role is to get the heart of my clients to really understand them so I can best serve them and help them feel their best selves. Unfriendliness isn’t part of this! I am really passionate about helping my clients and people I work with elevate their style and take them on a journey of self discovery and confidence.

A Personal Stylist may be judgemental – I get this a lot, especially when I am about to complete a Wardrobe Edit for a client as it’s a vulnerable time for them welcoming me into their home and a very personal space to them – their bedroom! I totally get that as I would feel the same inviting someone in to my space and in fact when I did a LIVE over on my socials a few months ago sharing what’s in my wardrobe, I felt some of that vulnerability myself. However one thing I am never going to do is judge you or your clothes. That is not my style! My job in this instance is to put my clients at ease and leave them feeling respected, listened to and valued. Their opinion and feelings are integral to a success styling experience and listening to a client in my opinion is one of the top skills required. I want my clients to leave any styling experience with me whether it’s a 1:1 or a group workshop feeling excited, more self confident and on cloud nine! No room for judgement here…

Hiring a Personal Stylist is too expensive

My aim is ultimately to save my clients money in avoiding purchases which don’t work for them and I help to elevate and update their style and therefore improve self-confidence and ultimately success.

One of my clients said to me ‘ What we pay for is your knowledge, passion and expertise!’

  • I owned and ran a womenswear boutique offering styling sessions, champagne tea parties and really got to understand what women wanted in a shopping experience.

  • I am fully qualified with a Distinction, in both Men’s and Womenswear Personal Styling.

  • I have Advanced Colour Analysis training enabling me to offer beautiful elevated services for my clients

  • I lecture and mentor at The London College of Style

  • I have my own style radio show at Inspire Radio UK

I have so much valuable experience and expertise which I share with my clients to enable them to stand taller, smile wider and take up their space. Priceless!

A Personal Stylist is only for famous people – hiring a stylist is accessible to anyone! It has become more widely available in recent years and as my clients have seen they have thrived once working with me in terms of self-development, confidence and feeling truly themselves and owning their space. I don’t style celebrities and famous people – I LOVE working with ‘ordinary people’ who to me are anything but ordinary, they are fascinating, have interesting stories to share and wisdom they haven’t even tapped into.

Personal Styling is available to everyone, you do deserve it’s an investment in you…go on take a look and get inspired!

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