Style Power Hour

Get your Style Mojo firing on all cylinders!


If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your way, it's happening to us all after the last few years!

Or maybe you want some help and inspiration, feel your body shape has changed then this is

the perfect experience for you! Just 60 x minutes via Zoom covering top stylist tips, suggestions and guides to leave you feeling more self-confident, elevate your existing style and

ensure you get that spring back in your step…

Personal Styling is for EVERYONE as I see the life-enhancing benefits my clients enjoy of truly embracing and understanding our style so we can live our lives to the fullest every single day.

Why not take this hour for yourself and get excited about your style once more!


  • Style Questionnaire prior to Zoom Style Service

  • 60-minutes via Zoom on a Styling Subject of your choice

  • Follow up Stylist Tools and Tips page to remind you of your experience

  • £99 for the experience

Join me to fall in love with your style again, find a new direction or simply because you want to feel more confident with your choices. I am here to enable you to feel AMAZING!