Colour Analysis Platinum

Colour is so powerful as it affects the way we feel about ourselves and the way other people interact with us and is so important if you are looking for career development, you speak in public and want to shine or you just want to feel amazing every day!

The process will take 1 hour 30 minutes working through the seasonal method of Colour Analysis to ascertain your best seasonal colours, discover your WOW colours and learn how to embrace colour to help you achieve your dreams and elevate your style. See what my clients have to say about the transformational effect of wearing the right colours for your skintone here…

  • Colour Analysis using drapes to discover the season you are

  • We’ll discuss how to incorporate colour into your wardrobe

  • Let’s find your WOW colours!

  • Style advice on how to elevate your look

  • Includes colour wheel of your season

  • Plus delving into secondary seasons

  • Discover how colour can impact you on a daily basis to get you where you want to go

This service is a real gift to yourself as we will really spend the time working through best colours just for you – it is a very bespoke service tailored to each and every client using an array of beautiful colours from subtle to daring – we find the colours to enhance YOUR look and lifestyle. Experience is 90 x minutes and costs £159.